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Robert B. GIangeruso Lyndhurst Mayor

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Tulin Dalkilic

Bob Menendez US Senator

zekeriya (ZECK) otumlu

I was born in Uzunkopru Edirne Turkey 1976.  I grew up in a farm. I went to high school in Istanbul. 

I  come to the USA to go to college. I went to Gateway Community College in New Haven, CT.  Then transfered to Sunny at Albany, NY.

I moved to Lyndhurst, NJ in 2000.  I have owned several small businesses in Lyndhurst and Clifton area since the move. I received my real-estate sales license in 2007 and I have been working with Century 21 Semiao & Association since 2008.  I also earned my insurance license back in 2008.  After spending five years gaining knowledge and experience as an Allsate insurance agent, I started my own insurance business in 2015.

Aside from all the hands-on experience I have accumulated over the years, I also have tremendous amount of life experience that enables me to be successful in anything I do.  I do believe that working hard and working smart is the way to succeed. I never failed in any business I owned and operated. I have been successfully self-employed since 2000 and failure has never been an option for me. 

I have been married since 2010 and I am the proud father of a wonderful 2.5 year old boy. 

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Fikriye Arda

Cory Booker US Senator


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